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Home-Search  Australia is a large country and continent, and the Monument Australia team have not been able to get to every part of it, so we welcome contributions to help make this website more complete in its documenting of the monuments and memorials of Australia.

We welcome anyone to contribute to this site.  Individuals, community groups, organisations, and government departments. 

Publication of your contributions

Contributions to the website may be reviewed by the Monument Australia administrators to determine their suitability for publication or storage on the website.

All material submitted to or stored on the website may be published or stored at Monument Australia’s discretion and may be edited or deleted without notice. Monument Australia’s decisions will be final and no discussions will be entered into.

Contributions you make to the website may be made available on the internet and can be read and used by anyone.

Keeping a copy of your contributions

You should save a back-up copy of your contribution before you submit it to Monument Australia. Once it is published on our website you will not be able to edit, copy, save or retrieve it in any way and while, where reasonably possible, we will endeavour to do so, Monument Australia may not be able to provide you with a copy of your contribution and does not take any responsibility for its loss due to server outage, technical difficulties or otherwise.

Your obligations

You are legally responsible for all contributions you make to the website and must ensure that your contribution :

Contributing Photographs

 If you wish to contribute photographs, then please follow the following guidelines.

Taking a Monument Photograph

We have found by following the steps below you can obtain a professional image of the monument you wish to photograph. It may take a few minutes longer to take the photograph, but the extra time is worth it. What we do is :

The Photograph format

You can submit photographs either in “digital” or “paper” formats. The default “digital” format on the website is JPEG, but we can convert a TIFF file if that is the only format your digital camera can take.

If you wish to submit a “paper” photograph please get the photograph professionally printed and place it between two pieces of cardboard before mailing it to us. Please keep a copy for yourself in case there are problems with the mail delivery.

Quality settings for digital photographs

Set your digital camera quality to “High” so that the camera stores a high quality image. You should try to take a photograph that has a size of at least 2 Megapixels which is approximately 1600 x 1200 pixels.

Please don’t compress your images to a lower resolution, or adjust the any contrast, brightness or colour settings before you send them to us, as this will limit the quality of the photograph on the website.

Quality settings for paper photographs

If you wish to send a “paper” photograph, then have in printed on quality photographic paper with a “white border” , with a minimum resolution of 150 dpi or higher.

Sending us a Contribution

We prefer to have digital photographs submitted, so just email them to us at info@monumentaustralia.org.au

Please include your name and address on the email so that we can acknowledge you on the website and it would be extremely helpful if you could supply details of the address of the monument, its GPS location data if it is known, and any other information and inscriptions that are relevant to it.