About Us

We are a family who work in their spare time to research and document the information on this website.  The family members are  : -

Kent Watson : Principal Website Administrator.

Kent was the instigator of this site and has a Masters of Arts in Applied History.  While studying for his degree he first conceived the idea of creating an historical resource to document and preserve Australian monuments. 


Diane Watson : Principal Research Officer and Website Administrator.

Diane Watson is a former public servant with a background in Training, Research and Development. Although retired, she has been fully occupied since 2002 in compiling information for the website


Mrs Norma McGuffie : Patron and Mother.

Whose generosity and belief allowed us to make our vision a reality. Our mother sadly passed away in 2011 and we dedicate this site to her memory


Wilai Watson and Geoff Watts : Spouses and Drivers

We thank them for their love and continued support for this project.