When compiling the entries in this website, we have consulted a number of various sources for information about particular monuments.  The sources consulted for an individual monument are listed in the "Source" field in the "More Information" window.   The table below explains what the source codes mean : -

Code Source
 MA  Research undertaken by the Monument Australia team
 ABC  ABC Staff Memorial : http://www.abc.net.au/corp/memorial
 ACPH  Australian Centre for Public History :  http://www.uts.edu.au/research-and-teaching/our-research/australian-centre-public-history/
 ADB  Australian Dictionary of Biography :  http://adb.anu.edu.au/
 AH  Australian Heritage :  http://www.environment.gov.au/heritage/index.html
 AHB  "Firm still you stand : the Anglican Church of St. John the Baptist, Canberra, its parish and parishioners 1841 - 1984" by Alfred Herbert Body
 AHC  Adelaide Hills Council http://www.ahc.sa.gov.au/Visitor/history-and-heritage/honour-boards-of-the-adelaide-hills/
 AHO  Anglican History Organisation - Project Canterbury http://anglicanhistory.org/
 AHPI  Australian Heritage Places Inventory :  http://www.heritage.gov.au/ahpi/
 AHS  Armidale Historical Society
 AL  Assyrian Levies
 AOH  Avenues of Honour 1915 - 2015 :  http://www.avenuesofhonour.org/
 AMISA  Association of Mechanics Institutes and School of Arts, New South Wales :  http://www.amisa.org.au/
 APF  Australian Police :  http://www.australianpolice.com.au/
 ATHS  Antarctic Treaty (Historic Sites and Monuments No. 5)
 AWA  Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation :
 AWR  Australian Womens`s Register :  http://www.womenaustralia.info
 BCC  Brisbane City Council - Avenues of Honour Research Report
 BWV  "Following Burke & Wills across Victoria", Dave Phoenix
 BWW  Burke & Wills Web :  http://www.burkeandwills.net.au
 CEN  Centennial Parklands :  http://www.centennialparklands.com.au/about/history_and_heritage/memorials_and_gates/
 CMC  City of Mandurah Council :  http://www.mandurah.wa.gov.au
 CRE  "Creating Remembrance.  The art and design of Australian War Memorials"  Donald Richardson
 DUY  "The Duyfken. Unveiling of the First Contact Memorial"  Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Edited by Rupert Gerritsen R.O.N.
 DVA  Department of Veterans Affairs, Saluting their Service Grants :
 FTF  Tuggeranong Festival:  http://www.tuggeranongfestivalact.wordpress.com/footsteps-to-follow
 H  "Monuments and Memorials" edited by Beryl Henderson
 HHS  Hay Historical Society Website Newsletters : http://users.tpg.com.au/hayhist/news.html
 HNSW  Heritage Branch, New South Wales Government :  http://www.heritage.nsw.gov.au
 HSW  The Soldier’s Memorial Avenue, Hobart, Tasmania :  http://www.soldierswalk.org.au
 HWA  Heritage Council of West Australia :  https://www.dplh.wa.gov.au/about-inherit/
 JG  Jenny Gill, Historian, Tasmania
 KI   "Sacred Places. War Memorials in the Australian Landscape" K. S. Inglis assisted by Jan Brazier
 LC  Lyndal Cosgrove, Editor "Queensland Family Historian"
 LOW  Lowood District Community Website :  http://www.lowood.qld.au
 LTS  The C J La Trobe Society :  http://www.latrobesociety.org.au/latrobe.html
 MMAA  Maldon Museum and Archives Association
 MCC  Maribyrnong City Council, Victoria
 MED   "Victorian historical memorials to explorers and discoverers" LTP 994.5 D15V (State Library of Victoria)
 MHF  Mawson`s Huts Foundation : http://www.mawsons-huts.org.au
 MHS  Mackay Historical Society, Queensland : http://www.mackayhistory.org
 MIV  "Saluting the Brave.  A pictorial record of Queensland War Memorials", Shirley & Trevor McIvor

 Mapping Our ANZAC History : Mareeba Shire War Memorial Heritage Asset List 2015. https://msc.qld.gov.au/tourism-and-heritage/mapping-our-anzac-history/

 MVIC  Mechanics Institute Victoria :  http://home.vicnet.net.au/~mivic/
 NC   National Capital  : http://www.nationalcapital.gov.au
 NCC   Newcastle Cultural Collections : http://collections.ncc.nsw.gov.au/keemu/pages/nrm/index.htm
 NMC   Northern Midlands Council, Longford, Tasmania :  http://www.northernmidlands.tas.gov.au/Page/Page.aspx?Page_Id=192
 NRUM  National Register of Unusual Monuments
 NRWM  Register of War Memorials in New South Wales :  http://www.warmemorialsregister.nsw.gov.au
 NSWH  New South Wales Heritage Database :  http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au
 NWM  National Workers Memorial :  http://www.nationalworkersmemorial.gov.au
 NZHO  New Zealand History Online : http://www.nzhistory.net.nz
 PA  Picture Australia :  http://trove.nla.gov.au/general/australian-pictures-in-trove
 PS  Paul Scott`s Flickr website : https://www.flickr.com/photos/paulscottinfo
 PMCA  Poowong East and Mountain View Community Association
 QHR  Queensland Heritage Register :  https://www.qld.gov.au/environment/land/heritage/register/
 QWMR  Queensland War Memorials Register :  http://www.qldwarmemorials.com.au
 RCCP  Randwick City Council Bicentennial Plaques : http://www.randwick.nsw.gov.au/About_randwick/Heritage
 RCMP  Rocky Creek Memorial Park :  http://www.nashoqld.org.au/rocky_memorial/rocky_war_memorial.html
 RDV  Regional Development Victoria :  http://www.rdv.vic.gov.au
 RHSV  Royal Historical Society of Victoria
 RSLV  The Returned and Services League of Australia (Victoria Branch) :  http://www.rslvic.com.au
 RUMT  Register of Unusual Monuments - Tasmanian Section
 RUMV  Register of Unusual Monuments - Victorian Section
 RVWM  Virtual War Memorial Australia  http://www.vwma.org.au/
 SAHN  South Australian History Network :  https://www.flickr.com/photos/communityhistorysa/albums/with/72157646030382452
 SAM   History Trust of South Australia :  http://www.history.sa.gov.au/
 SAW  Strathalbyn Anglicans website : http://strathalbynanglicans.org.au/
 SJ   Saint James’ Church, Sydney, New South Wales :  http://www.sjks.org.au
 SKP  War memorials in Australia.  This was a website created by an individual and it has been discontinued and is no longer maintained.  The contents copyright were transferred to the Australian War Memorial, and an archive is available at the Pandora portal   :  http://pandora.nla.gov.au/tep/14043
 TOH  South Australia and Northern Territory War Memorials :  http://www.tributesofhonour.info
 This website no longer allows for the searching for monuments
 TWM  Tasmanian war memorials data base, compiled by Fred Thornett, 1996, State Library of Tasmania
 VHD   Victorian Heritage Database :   http://vhd.heritage.vic.gov.au/
 VMR  "Victorian Memorial Register, Series 1, J.D. Adams, 994.12 V66AD" (State Library of Victoria)
 VWHI  Victorian War Heritage Inventory :  http://vhd.heritage.vic.gov.au/vhd/veterans
 WHSV  Waverley Historical Society, Victoria :  http://home.vicnet.net.au/~whsvic/

 Western Australian War Memorials Register :  http://www.anzac.dpc.wa.gov.au

As at June-2019 this website no longer provides a listing of war memorials in Western Australia.


 War Memorials of Western Australia : http://www.warmemorials.net

 WVC  Castleford Veterinary Group Whyalla  : http://www.whyallavet.com.au