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Dinosaur Stampede National Monument
Dinosaur Stampede National Monument
Photographs supplied by Diane Watson

Dinosaur Stampede National Monument is the site of the world`s only known record of a dinosaur stampede. Scientists have interpreted that the footprints are a fossilised record of a predator stalking and ultimately causing a chaotic stampede of around 150 two-legged dinosaurs.

These two-legged dinosaurs, believed to be carnivorous coelurosaurs around the size of chickens, and herbivorous ornithopods some as large as today`s emus, became trapped at a lake or river shoreline by a 10-metre-long carnivorous theropod which may also have been drawn to the area for water or food. In an effort the escape the larger dinosaur, the coelurosaurs and ornithopods are thought to have stampeded past the theropod, leaving their footprints in the mudflat surrounding the watercourse.


Address:Winton - Jundah Road, Lark Quarry Conservation Park, Winton, 4735
GPS Coordinates:Lat: -23.01
Long: 142.40
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Monument Type:Park
Monument Theme:Culture
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