This category contains the public monuments and memorials which have been erected to commemorate the Spanish Civil War from 1 January 1936 to 31 December 1939.

There was no official Government commitment to the Spanish Civil War, but 66 Australians are thought to have served in the Spanish Civil War, not counting those of Spanish descent that returned home to fight. All except one of the 66 fought for the republicans, as opposed to Franco's fascists, and around a quarter were killed. The Australian's, as part of the International Brigade, were assigned to various 'national' battalions as there were not enough numbers to constitute a distinctive Australian battalion. Franco's eventual victory was utilised as propaganda for the fascist regimes of Germany and Italy, and is often seen as a precursor to the Second World War


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Spanish Civil War Memorial
Spanish Civil War Memorial
Address: Flynn Drive, Lennox Gardens
City/Town: Yarralumla
State: ACT
Theme: Conflict
Sub-Theme: Spain